Monday, 1 October 2012

the simplest method of dakwah n flourishing islam

My dad gave us a post-solat tazkirah a while ago. It was a very simple tazkirah but had a very deep meaning embedded within.

so before i start re-tazkirah-ing, i'd like to ask:

What do you do when u walk pass a fellow muslim (or any human being for that matter)?
This is what i've observed in Malaysia:

a) Act like nobody just passed you - 80%
b) Smile - 10%
c) Give a salam - 10%
d) Scream at him/her and run away like a mad man - negligible, but i have seen it happen before haha!

(early disclaimer : these are my own self-observed, un-studied, un-researched and non-quotable data. Not to be used as a form of reference)

A show of hands of those who've also observed this here in our homeland? betul kan kan?

ok so enough of the lame intro.

The main highlight of the tazkirah was on courtesy soft skills.

What does Islam mean to YOU?
- well, for me, Islam is a simple and beautiful holistic religion that encompasses every aspect of human life, be it work or play.

How do nonMuslims view Islam?
- A good number of them view Islam as a religion which breeds extremists and terrorists who live for the hereafter only to forget the here.

and why is that so? well it's because we make it seem as such!
Islam has been portrayed that way in the media for decades and have we made even the slightest effort to prove that stereotype wrong? Hardly

So how do we change it?
Well for a start, we can simply SMILE.

The simplest way to dakwah is by SMILING.

A smile can bring happiness to the mourning, it can stop fountains of tears, but most importantly, it shows what kind of person you really are, inshaAllah not a terrorist.

Lemme end this with a riddle:

what's red, white and sweet?

--> your smile (hahah that one was LAME)

ok here here, another one:

What's black and white, and hard?

--> a math quiz (HAhAhahahaha i stole that one from sophia)

The world always looks better from behind a smile :D
if you see a friend without a smile, don't be selfish, give him one of yours :D

SMILE, God loves you.

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