Monday, 1 October 2012

the simplest method of dakwah n flourishing islam

My dad gave us a post-solat tazkirah a while ago. It was a very simple tazkirah but had a very deep meaning embedded within.

so before i start re-tazkirah-ing, i'd like to ask:

What do you do when u walk pass a fellow muslim (or any human being for that matter)?
This is what i've observed in Malaysia:

a) Act like nobody just passed you - 80%
b) Smile - 10%
c) Give a salam - 10%
d) Scream at him/her and run away like a mad man - negligible, but i have seen it happen before haha!

(early disclaimer : these are my own self-observed, un-studied, un-researched and non-quotable data. Not to be used as a form of reference)

A show of hands of those who've also observed this here in our homeland? betul kan kan?

ok so enough of the lame intro.

The main highlight of the tazkirah was on courtesy soft skills.

What does Islam mean to YOU?
- well, for me, Islam is a simple and beautiful holistic religion that encompasses every aspect of human life, be it work or play.

How do nonMuslims view Islam?
- A good number of them view Islam as a religion which breeds extremists and terrorists who live for the hereafter only to forget the here.

and why is that so? well it's because we make it seem as such!
Islam has been portrayed that way in the media for decades and have we made even the slightest effort to prove that stereotype wrong? Hardly

So how do we change it?
Well for a start, we can simply SMILE.

The simplest way to dakwah is by SMILING.

A smile can bring happiness to the mourning, it can stop fountains of tears, but most importantly, it shows what kind of person you really are, inshaAllah not a terrorist.

Lemme end this with a riddle:

what's red, white and sweet?

--> your smile (hahah that one was LAME)

ok here here, another one:

What's black and white, and hard?

--> a math quiz (HAhAhahahaha i stole that one from sophia)

The world always looks better from behind a smile :D
if you see a friend without a smile, don't be selfish, give him one of yours :D

SMILE, God loves you.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Mr. Mysterious

I've been stalking again. Can't get enough of this person.

not sure if reading or sleeping. heehee

Completely full of nothingness

Can anyone give me any ideas for jobs that i may be interested/good in? i'm slowly getting bored of the medical profession and need a change of environment (and no, i'm not referring to a hospital transfer). 

I need to fast forward my life to October 13th, and then make it go slow-mo until the 24th.. then the rest can go at the usual pace. hah!

I sooo need a vacation. 

Uploading some old and recent pics over here, just because i don't know where else to place em (and cos i have nothing better to do).

 Aizu says that the goreng pisang ruined the pic. I think the cicak poop behind me ruined it. 

 Looking right. 

 Looking straight.

Looking up at the burning sun. 

Okay, so my poses lack variation. Looks like i'll be sticking to my day job. haha.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Beat it

How does one beat depression without drugs (medicine)?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Reliving Housemanship


i’ve just recently embarked on the journey of medical officership (is there such a word?). This is my attempt at reliving some parts of the past 2 years and offering some survival tips.

Take note that I do not intend to exaggerate/offend/directly criticize in this post. My apologies in advance to those who “terasa” (direct translationà accidentally felt it (felt what?)).

Anxious, scared and in disbelief; those were my emotions the day before I stepped into the world of housemanship. I remember drinking milk and avoiding caffeine at all costs the night before I had to register at my new workplace just so that I could sleep (which was super difficult due to the fact that I hate milk and am a self confessed coffeeholic!). Despite those measures, thoughts kept running through my mind of how things would be once I started working and what to expect. I had never worked in my entire life so it would be a completely new experience for me. However, what was worrying me was not only the challenge of an unfamiliar experience, but more of the notoriety of that service we call ‘housemanship’ (also referred to as slavery in some districts around the country, haha).

Ok so..of late...the topic of housemanship has been covered in the news an awful lot. Some good; some bad. A lot of it is true, but a whole lot of it is complete rubbish.  What is housemanship in Malaysia? It’s a mandatory service for all doctors after completing their undergraduate medical studies. It’s a form of training which lasts for a minimum of 2 years whereby house officers (HOs) need to go through 6 different postings before becoming Medical officers (MOs).

So basically, housemen are as everybody says, literally and technically, at the bottom of the food chain. Housemen are scum (no offence!). And being in a world with other scum and some slightly senior scum, their hope for survival looked grim. It’s a dog eat dog world where only the fittest survive and the weak fall behind.

My HOD for anaesthesiology would always tell us, that there are only 2 ways out of the ICU, one is you die, the other is that a miracle happens and you actually make it through to survive. Well somehow that’s a suitable analogy for housemanship. Haha (ok overexagerrating, I know!). ok, but seriously, our prognosis was guarded since day 1. Most will make it through the whole of the 2 years leaving behind a few martyrs who would fall along the way.

The fact that housemen are overworked and tend to whine and complain about it to higher authorities is the reason for most of the hype hovering around topic. Let’s face it, housemen are human beings after all; and are educated and know their rights. Furthermore, a significant number of them are descendents of highly successful and influential people who have the right connections (be it a close relationship as to being the son of a politician, or even as distant a relationship as to the being second cousin of the granddaughter to a farmer whose mother-in-law had a short-lived relationship with the director of an unnamed hospital but ended up marrying someone else à ok, i pun dah pening trying to figure that out), so off to the reporters they go, and to the higher authorities is where they land.

Ok so let’s proceed to why housemen in Malaysia are so famous. Why???

I can understand why ppl would quit housemanship or why they complain. Trust me, it’s hard.

While I was going through the hardest time of my housemanship experience, i felt like giving up OMG SOOO MANY TIMES. I literally hated my life. We would go to work in the wee hours of the morning and go back in the wee hours of the morning (wait, didn’t i just say that??). We were screamed at daily, sometimes hourly, for our faults and other ppl’s faults (they didn’t care who was at fault), had no time to eat/sleep/drink/bathroomize etc. I suffered obvious racism, verbal abuse, social and mental trauma.

I thought to myself, “Why on earth am i torturing myself when i could live such a wonderful life by just quitting??” I knew that if i could quit, if i could just make that happen, my life would be perfect!

I finally called my parents and told them that it’s confirmed, i’m quitting housemanship. I was dead serious. Obviously my parents didn’t allow it. They reminded me of what I had worked so hard for. How ambitious and enthusiastic I was before entering medical school. The obstacles we surpassed to get where many others could only dream of (haha over-exaggeration alert, it’s actually a nightmare, i tell you... whatever... moving on). Furthermore, i was already in my 5th posting with only one more posting to go.

I called my parents QID, they gave me so many prayers and advice, i drank coffee QID (my source of endorphin) and just literally left everything to God. That’s what kept me going.

There was one time I felt so low when all of a sudden i met one of my university seniors in the ward who’s currently an MO. He asked me how i was and i told him. Then he gave me the most awesomest advice ever.

He told me, 

“What is there to fear about your superiors? Who are they to you? Who cares what they say. Be strong and do your work sincerely and do it for God. You should only fear God.”

OK... awesome moment. Awwwwweessommeee...

I’ve never really ever elaborated on these personal stories and I still don’t want to elaborate in this post, purely because this is the part of my memory which i would like to erase. End.

So anyway, in complete honesty, the medical system is a vicious cycle when it comes to anger management (lack of), and gossiping. The more senior you get; the more “berlagak” you become. As a first poster, you’re scrutinized, criticized, scolded and bullied by the whole hospital (senior hos/mos/specialists/nurses/pts etc). Once you’re a second poster, you’re a self-proclaimed boss, you start scolding & gossiping about your junior HOs (as if you’re so senior) and start kutuk-ing them “huh? tu pun tak tau??” (when in fact you yourself don’t even know the answer). And the cycle goes on. Houseman will be scolded and gossiped about by the mos, MOs by the specialists, Specialists by the consultants, consultants by the hospital director, the hospital director by the housemans and the rest of the hospital. This obviously does not apply to all, it applies to most. I see it happening all around me, not just in the medical field but also in other working environments. Note to self and everyone reading this: put an end to this cycle.

A few tips for survival:

1.     Be nice to the assisting medical staff – nurses, MAs, PPKS. Some of them may annoy you, but keep in mind that many are older than you and more senior and you need to respect them. Plus, once they like you, you’ll find your life to be a lot easier :D

2.     Suck up to your seniors. Try to impress them. But don’t be poyo! (translation of poyo?... err.. help...anyone?). Ask lotsa questions. Not dumb ones! (contrary to popular belief, there is such thing as a dumb question). Always carry around the medical equipment you used to bring around as a student (pen torch, tendon hammer, tongue depressor, orange stick, an ECG machine if possible), trust me, your m.os will love you.

3.     If you think you’re slow, come earlier to review pts/ take blood etc. Take advantage of medical students, students MAs and Student nurses who are more than willing to help you do venepunctures and set IV cannulas.

4.     Always bring along biscuits or a chocolate bar (any source of glucose) in your pocket. There will be times when you’re super busy, you won’t have time for meals. At times you won’t even have time for the bathroom, alot of times you’ll forget (till the extent that i actually wished i had a urinary catheter on).

5.     NEVER LIE.

6.     DON’T BE COCKY! I HATE COCKY HOUSEMEN (I can say that cos I’m already an MO, so sue me, hahaha. Booo.)

7.     If you are scolded by your seniors even if you know you’re not at fault, do not try to defend yourself, instead just apologize and tell them it won’t happen again. Trust me, they’ll feel less irritated.

8.     Try to understand your seniors. Why are they being mean to you? Do they have family issues? Are they currently furthering their studies (studying and lack of sleep makes you grouchy!)? If these are the reasons, find ways to win their heart. If you’re planning on going to the medical bookstore, ask them if they’d like to order any books which are helpful for their mrcp/mrcs etc. If she’s pregnant, promote some nice post delivery products to her that u recently saw online (strictly directed at female hos).


10.    Read 9GAG

Most importantly, do not neglect religion and family. Try your very very very very best not to miss your pillars! It’s difficult, but tell me this, what else are you living for?

There are lots of horror stories about housemanship as I’ve mentioned above. Housemanship can be torturous, but it doesn’t have to be. It mainly depends on how you choose to see it. A lot of people I know actually enjoyed their housemanship, they had awesome seniors, staff and patients. I wasn’t one of those strong, “selalu semangat” housemen, neither was i such a go-getter, i found it difficult to adapt at times and struggled to get things done as fast as i had liked to. I hated one particular posting during my housemanship, but i found the rest quite enjoyable.

Your coping mechanisms are extremely important. Always try to be positive and look back on why you are doing this, be it for God, your parents, money or glory. Hold on to what keeps you going, whatever it be.

Keep reminding yourself that this is literally only the beginning of your medical life. There are so many trickier challenges to face as you climb up the ladder of the medical hierarchy.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Ok so Aizu and I were both off on the same day... Finally! so we decided to spend the day at the mosque.... taki ng photos!hehehe ...  but it was also beneficial cause we did end up praying in congregation over there which i haven't managed to do in quite a while due to the hectic working shifts, not a good excuse, i know. The model was terrible though, inexperienced and lacks variety in her poses. Don't worry, she'll be sticking to her day job. haha :) here are some of the pics:
 Whatcha lookin at??

 I really wanted ice creammm...
 I like this one..
 trying to look all innocent hahaha

I need to buy a good program to edit pics. haha



Being a house officer it's not uncommon, actually it's very common and absolutely normal to be scolded by your medical officers/ specialists for things that you've done wrong. Heck, is even normal to get scolded for other ppl's mistakes and even for things that you've done right. If your medical officer or specialist does something wrong, the houseman will always get the blame even if you weren't at fault. There'll always be a reason to be scolded, someway or another. It's absolutely normal in the world of housemanship. 
And it's not only your seniors who scold you, but also the staff nurses/ JM/ medical assistants/ PPK/ medical lab assistants/ radiographers.

Who are we to scold other people?

To be honest, it's unbelievably annoying to be scolded for things you didn't do wrong, but i can still accept it if the scolding is done by my M.Os or specialists. But if it's by the other hospital staff, IT'S JUST SOOOO WRONG. I'm not trying to be biased because i'm a medical doctor. Lemme just give you a scenario:

It's 2am in the middle of the night. There's a pt with upper GI bleed whose in hypovolaemic shock which is an emergency. So we sent all the investigations as URGENT. Being in this hospital, we don't have the luxury of tracing investigation results via a computer, we're very out dated and still use pen and paper and telephones to trace investigation results. So the difficult part about this is that we'll always need to call the lab to get urgent results. However if an investigation results is obviously deranged and may be life threatening, the lab technician is supposed to inform the results via phone. The problem with this is that it is not always practiced. Ok so back to the story, no result was informed, so we had to trace the result via phone. We called the lab SEVERAL TIMES, but no answer. and then when they finally answer the phone, they answer with an annoyed and reluctant intonation.

"Haematology Lab."
"Hello saya Dr. Syaima,  boleh saya trace FBC untuk satu pt hantar as STAT"
"hantar bila?"
"hantar 40 minutes ago"
"issshh...Kami dah print result lama dah, nape tak suruh PPK pergi amik results?"
and then they hang up....
First of all it was so immoral and unethical for the lab assistants to talk that way. Even if they were irritated, at least give the results and then hang up. The patient is more important than your mood swings ok. 
I absolutely do not understand why they are nearly always irritated.  Besides maybe the workload, i do not see any other reason to be stressed. They do not deal with patients or lives directly. They have no reason to be scolded by their own seniors as their job is not considered critical. They work in much shorter shifts (about 7-10 hours per day), with more holidays. And furthermore, we don't scold them, so why do they scold us? I can understand them being irritated if we are impolite. But common morals, if not religion, teach you to be polite especially if the person you're taking to is polite.

I also see houseman scolding other houseman for irrational things. If you're a houseman already able to scold you fellow colleagues, I can't imagine how you'll be like as a medical officer.

This is the problem in this country, we lack moral, ethics, virtues... yes, i know they're all about the same thing. What's sad is that our country is supposed to portray Islam and its values, which i fail to see. For example, I'm so used to being waited by an impolite waitress to the extent that when i actually get one who's polite (which is actually how they're supposed to be) i feel awkward and compliment the waitress (i can only count a number of times when that's actually happened). Apparently, I'm not used to polite waiters ^_^

Our religion teaches us to be patient, humble, be polite and respect others. But regardless of whether you're a believer or not, common sense and ethics would teach you as such. I believe that if we all had respect for others, situations like these would not occur. 

Who are you to feel like you are superior than someone else? We are all the same in the view of God. We are merely humans and slaves of God put on Earth to perform ibadah. Let's all stop floating in self pride and ego and come back to earth as humble servants.

Do correct me if i'm wrong and do excuse me for my generalization.
Btw, I haven't written this post because i'm upset or pissed at someone or in a bad mood, neither is it in response to a recent bad incident or anything. It just suddenly crossed my mind. Haha.